Introduction of the U7 green training system

Education and pleasure,Children fall in love with football from childhood


4-7 years old is an important period for children's physical growth, character development and language development. During this period, we should pay attention to mutual penetration and integration between fields and objectives, so as to promote children's physical and mental development in an all-round way. We introduce pure UEFA youth system, according to the age of children's body and the level of intellectual development, seek the balance of attention, perception, sense of achievement and other aspects, to establish the theme of the game as "spiral iterative training method", on the one hand to improve children's football ability, on the other hand cultivate children's strong interest in football.

Learn football in a child's way


Each child has different understanding speed and understanding for instructions and rules, but without exception, it is very good at imitation. By simple link setting, precise demonstration and encouragement of coaches, we try to enable children to learn football naturally.

Catch 、Dribble 、Pass and Shoot


4 to 7 years old children's sense of balance and coordination of the body is still in the development of children, our course for this stage can reach the level of skill, key breakthrough dribbling, passing and shooting by Professor of science, technology, step by step child capability upgrade.