Introduction of the U16 green training system

Professional training, division of court duties


The development of physical coordination and flexibility has reached a certain level for 13-16 years old children. The acceptance of soccer skills has reached the stage of more complicated movements. At this stage, we will gradually teach children some confrontations skills, and start organizing more competitions to let children experience the pleasure of competition, so that they can most directly experience the training results. Whether they win or fail, they can promote their interest in football and work harder and better.

Let the child learn to be a referee


We will teach all the rules of the football to the children. Besides asking them to obey the rules, they need to know if others are going to foul. At this stage, we will train children to judge the rules and judge the matches.

Skill and tactical training


On the ball, fake, fancy dribbling, ball, volley shot these commonly used techniques will be taught and trained in this stage, and professor of the correct usage and usage scenarios. The player moves require more high, need to be run in accordance with the preliminary arrangement of tactics, cross movement common skills are professors, and make training for offside, offside, back pressure across the board, and other defensive tactics.

Role training


Children at this stage the technical and physical qualities have been different, according to different individual conditions and personal preferences, we will set up a special training, such as for the striker, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper of the special training, but also contains different positions and tactical training, organizational skills, etc..