Introduction of the U12 green training system

Game driven, children experience fun from competition


The development of physical coordination and flexibility has reached a certain level for 8-12 years old children. The acceptance of soccer skills has reached the stage of more complicated movements. At this stage, we will gradually teach children some confrontations skills, and start organizing more competitions to let children experience the pleasure of competition, so that they can most directly experience the training results. Whether they win or fail, they can promote their interest in football and work harder and better.

Let the children learn to abide by the rules


A child of this age can be fully aware of all instructions, for can and cannot be and why not have been able to accurately understand; we will teach all the rules of football at this stage to the children, and (except offside) Rules in the process of training training.

Steals, A foul ball and heading


Steals and tackle skill is necessary in the game, children at this stage can better grasp of the intensity and action essentials, has been able to gradually began to study tackles and tackles. Because the game rules and add a familiar, also began to hand input, so for the upper limb training have gradually begun. The head ball will also be added at this stage, which is mainly used to train the sense of ball in all parts of the body.

Enhance teamwork ability


At this stage, children have been able to understand that football is not a personal sport, but also willing to cooperate with their teammates. At this stage, our training plan in favor of team training, either pass or steals training are group carried out, more training children's sense of space and movement.